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FirstPay and ZelleĀ®

Q: What is happening to FirstPay?

A: FirstPay has been a convenient way to send money the past few years; however, the service is being discontinued and will not be an option much longer.

Q: Why is the bank upgrading to Zelle® for person to person payments?

A: When available, this feature will allow customers to send money directly from their bank account at The First to another person's bank account in the United States. The funds are generally available in minutes for the recipient.

Q: When is the last day to use FirstPay?

A: As of June 17, 2022, at 5pm, the FirstPay option will no longer be available.

Q: When will Zelle® be ready to use?

A: We are actively in the process of building the network and anticipate availability in late Summer or early Fall.

Q: What if I need to send money after FirstPay is unavailable and Zelle® isn't ready?

A: Inside Online Banking in the Transactions menu, there is an option for Customer to Customer transfer. If the person you are sending money to has an account at The First and Online Banking, you can transfer money right there.

We also offer Bill Pay. You can create a payee inside Online Banking for an individual and send money via Bill Pay.

Call us at 620-663-1521 for more information on the above options.

We will keep you updated as we move closer to completing the Zelle® network feature.

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