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Debit Card Fraud Protection

First National Bank of Hutchinson uses a fraud scoring system called Falcon Fraud Manager (FFM), to monitor all signature-based personal and business Debit Card transactions for potential fraud. When a transaction is suspicious, the FFM system will notify customers via text or phone call to determine the validity of the transaction.

How does it work?
Each time a signature-based transaction is made with your Debit Card, FFM analyzes it and assigns a score on a risk-based scale; the higher the score, the greater the likelihood of fraud. If the analysis indicates a high risk, FFM will attempt to contact you to determine whether the transaction is legitimate. If FFM cannot make contact, and depending on the severity of the score, a temporary block may be put on your account to prevent fraudulent transactions. Signature-based transactions are monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

FFM will contact customers initially by text, if a mobile number is on record. If a response is not received within 30 minutes, a follow-up call will be made to the mobile, home and business numbers on file.

What do customers need to do to take advantage of this program?
All Debit Cards, both personal and business, are monitored. Customers do not have to do anything for their cards to be monitored. However, the system will only work if phone numbers are up-to-date. Always contact The First every time any of your phone numbers change.

When and how are notifications sent?
Should FFM detect a suspicious transaction and need to contact a customer, it will be either via a text message or an automatic voice dialer on behalf of First National Bank of Hutchinson. The text or call will be an attempt to verify the validity of the transaction. When calling, the automatic FFM system will verify they are talking to the cardholder by asking for date of birth or ZIP code. Note: FFM will never ask for any numbers off of your Debit Card. If the transaction is confirmed to be fraud, customers will be transferred to a live representative for further action.

  • Text messages will be sent 24/7.
  • Calls will be placed: 8:00 a.m. to  9:00 p.m.

Text messages will appear similar to the following with the last four digits of the account number affiliated with the Debit Card and the suspicious amount and vendor. 

  • FreeMsg: First National Bank Fraud Dept: 8003694887: Suspicious txn on acct xxxx: $xxx.xx ABC CO. If authorized reply YES, otherwise reply NO. To Opt Out reply STOP.

Note: A reply of YES indicates the suspicious transaction is a valid Debit Card purchase and authorizes it to process. A reply of NO, stops the transaction from processing. A reply of STOP will cancel all future text notifications. We do not recommend stopping notifications. FFM will continue to contact customers by phone call if texts notifications are stopped.

Are there other upgrades coming to the notification system?
Yes! By early 2017, FFM will be adding notification by email to those customers for whom we have an email address. Customers should notify The First anytime any of contact information changes, including address, all phone numbers, and email addresses.

How does vacation or travel abroad affect FFM?
Usually when customers travel, it is not a part of “normal” purchasing behavior which could result in a higher score for potential fraud. We strongly recommend that before leaving customers contact The First to notify us of your travel plans. Customers may call us during banking hours or login to Electronic Banking to complete the Debit Card Travel Form. We also consider it a best practice to take at least one additional source of payment when traveling (cash, credit card, and/or prepaid debit cards). Failure to notify The First of travel plans could result in Debit Cards being temporarily blocked or suspended if suspicious activity is detected.

If an alert is received, does that automatically mean the account has been blocked from further purchases?
Most suspected fraud accounts will be blocked if there is no response from the customer to the notification. If an alert is sent and the customer confirms it is a legitimate transaction, it and other transactions can be processed usually within 5 to 10 minutes.

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