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Email Addresses Now .bank

Phase I of .bank Conversion Now Completed – Fighting Fraud Together!

As announced in late 2015, First National Bank of Hutchinson is among the first banks to start transitioning to the .bank domain. We’ve now completed Phase I of that transition. Our employees email addresses are now changed to (rather than

For the time being, you can reach an employee using either version. When you receive an email from an employee it will be from the .bank version. We recommend you update your contacts with the new version.

Why .bank?

The First is committed to keeping you safe and secure. Use of .bank means enhanced security and verification requirements have been met in order to reduce the risk of cyber threats and enable us to continue to build on our highly-trusted, secure environment. It’s one more way we’re First for You.

  • ONLY verified banks are allowed to use .bank domain
  • .bank is verified and therefore a more secure website

How does this help keep me more secure?

If you receive an email from someone using, you can be assured that is actually from The First. We always encourage you, however, that if ever any doubt on the authenticity of an email, to always check with us beforehand. Always be cautious about linking inside emails.

What is the next phase?

Phase II will be the conversion of our website page addresses, including Online Banking, to: .bank. For now, you can access our homepage using either or .bank. In mid to late April, 2016 we will make the change so that all of our website pages use a .bank address. We encourage you to start using now!

Will this impact my Online Banking?

We will post notifications of the exact date change in Online Banking, so look for messages there. When the change is made, the first time you log into online banking via computer or mobile app, you will need to request a Secure Access Code via text message or phone call to one of the numbers we have on file for you.  In a few moments, the 4 digit code will arrive.  Enter the code and submit. You can then register your device if you choose to or continue receiving a Secure Access Code upon each log in.  Receiving a Secure Access Code upon every log in is the most secure experience. 

First for Your Security

.bank is protected, trusted, more secure and easily identifiable. Approval to use a .bank domain is ONLY eligible to verified members of the global banking community including banks, bank regulators, and bank-related core processors. When you see .bank, you can be assured that you are at a legitimate bank.

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