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Unlock Greater Efficiency

Lock Box is more than simply a new destination for payments. It is an automated system that allows your company to access and manage accounts receivable data more efficiently and accurately, giving your staff more time for other tasks.

Accelerates cash flow
Payments that arrive in the Lock Box are applied to your account the same day. Processed payments have same-day availability to your company. The First opens all mail, scans checks, makes deposits and runs reports for you.

Increases security
With Lock Box, fewer check payments are lost and the money is secure. The service adds internal control over the accounts receivable process.

Offers viewable documents and data
As payments are processed, checks are scanned and immediately available for online viewing. As customers call with questions about payments, you can quickly and accurately respond as you look directly at the payments received. Search the online data by date range, routing number, check number, account numbers, name or dollar amount of payment. Reports can be created and customized to fit your business needs.

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