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ACH Services

Your bank can utilize the First National Bank ExtraNet connection for ACH Services. The process is efficient and user-friendly.

ACH File Management

  • Store and retrieve up to 60 days of ACH file history
  • View ACH files by day of activity for quick organization and efficient searches

ACH Origination Module

  • Originate payroll, loan payment and bill payment ACH files
  • Quickly edit and generate previously saved ACH templates
  • Generate EFTPS tax payments

Outgoing ACH Files

  • Securely send customer-generated ACH files for processing
  • Scan customer-generated ACH files for OFAC compliance
  • Validate formatting of customer-generated files before sending

Incoming ACH Files

  • View and search ACH files in user-friendly format
  • Download ACH files for import into core processor system
  • Scan ACH files against OFAC list
  • Create Automated Returns and Notifications of Change
  • Search ACH files by Trace Numbers, Amount, SEC Code, Customer Name and more
  • View all NOC or Return Entries in one convenient report

International ACH Transaction (IAT)

  • Transactions will be delivered in a separate incoming IAT ACH file,
  • eliminating the need to request a separate IAT file from the Federal Reserve.
  • The delivery of a separate ACH file will allow an OFAC scan for just the IAT transactions and process the IAT files separately from other ACH files.

Additional ACH Service

For banks with corporate customers who need to initiate their own ACH transactions, we offer (through Juniper Payments) the ExtraNet FP-C, a separate application, which allows the corporate customer to initiate or create an ACH file from their own desktop. The file is processed through your financial institution for verification and dual authorization.


For more information regarding our services please call  800.293.0683
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