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Cash Letter Processing

First National Bank has extensive experience as a major processor of cash letters throughout central and western Kansas. We’ve provided this service for more than 50 years, as soon as the Federal Reserve allowed it. We began with paper cash letter and courier delivery systems. Today, we have migrated to a more efficient method, image cash letters, which has enabled us to significantly reduce the cost to our customers for clearing checks.

Volume is continuing to increase and the First National Bank Clearing Network has continued to grow in number of items cleared and number of banks in the network. This network allows us to efficiently clear items and provide the maximum availability at a very competitive price. Once deposited with us, immediate credit is given on almost all of your items, as there is very little float left in the system because of these efficiencies.  First National Bank has an internal clearing network, as well as various other clearing endpoints and direct exchanges which allow us to continue to seek the most efficient options for your bank.

First National Bank has an exemplary track record for dealing with adjustments and similar issues. You can rely on us to personally assist you with these matters — we are just a phone call away.

  • No matter what processor you use, or if you process in-house, you can still settle your cash letter with us.
  • Cash letters may be sent directly to the Federal Reserve Bank for credit to your account at The First.
  • We offer a secure connection for transfer to DCI, the Fed and for your on-us items from The First and the Federal Reserve.


For more information regarding our services please call  800.293.0683
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