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First National Bank offers a specialized lending team and strong credit-support system to assist you with your credit needs.  Whatever purposes you or your customer may have, loans can be initiated on a direct basis or through overline participations.

Bank Stock Loans
First National Bank is an excellent and confidential source of funding for the purchase of bank and holding company stock, treasury stock redemption or funding for ESOP plans. Loans for additions to capital and for expansion purposes, such as the addition of a new branch, are also available. Terms and conditions for each transaction are tailored to your bank’s needs.

Overline Participations
First National Bank can purchase loans that exceed your bank’s lending limit, allowing you to maintain a relationship that might otherwise go to a larger bank. Through an exchange of participation loans, we can also help you generate more diversity in your loan portfolio. First National Bank has the expertise to work with you on a wide range of loans, including commercial, agricultural, and real estate. Our capital strength allows us to participate in loans of significant size so you can satisfy your larger customers’ needs. 

On approved loans, you may sell and repurchase the balance for liquidity needs. Commitments provided to you on specific credits allow for advances and repayments on a daily basis.

Direct Loans
Direct loans are available to your bank’s executive officers and stockholders, therefore minimizing your internal regulatory concern for this type of lending. Terms on these types of loans can be flexible and responsive to these needs.

Whether your need is agricultural, retail, commercial or industrial, leasing the equipment you need through First National Bank makes sense. No matter what type of equipment you use, a lease is not only possible, it's often more practical than purchasing.

Leasing offers the following advantages:

  • Low payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Preservation of working capital
  • Inflation hedge
  • Tax benefits
  • 100% financing
  • Flexible terms
  • Flexible options at the end of the lease

First National Bank can provide leasing services to a variety of entities that include, but aren’t limited to, municipalities, townships, cities, counties, corporations, and small businesses. You can benefit from our leasing program in two ways, by referring the business to us and earning  a referral fee, or we can close the lease, and sell it for a fee to your financial institution where it would be maintained on your books.

  • The First offers significant capital with terms tailored to your bank.
  • Ask about bank stock loans, overline participations, direct loans and leases.
  • Our strong credit-support system makes The First a preferred partner bank.


For more information regarding our services please call  800.293.0683
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