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Our Partners

First National Bank of Hutchinson partners with several companies to deliver the most advanced technologies and services to our correspondent banks. These companies are trusted to strengthen and ensure overall security. They also work with us in the development of new products and technologies, allowing The First to bring new capabilities to you to help make your job easier.

Data Center, Inc.

Independently owned by community bank clients, four Kansas bankers established DCI in 1963, one of these being First National Bank’s Nation Meyer. DCI’s mission is to provide the best technological resources for its banks. The privately held company is headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas, just two blocks away from First National Bank.

DCI is one of the first of its kind, and remains a leader among full-service bank technology companies in the United States. DCI provides innovative processing and technology products and services to hundreds of banks nationwide, from their extensive and growing network of technology centers across the country.

Because DCI is privately owned by banks, it is uniquely responsive to and responsible for customers’ needs. DCI is stable, its business practices are not determined by stock market fluctuations, and customers do not need to worry about mergers or takeovers by corporate conglomerates. DCI is flexible, responsive to customer requests, and able to explore and deliver innovative products quickly.

For more information about Data Center, Inc., visit is the provider of ExtraNet, the secure, Web-based, transaction portal that is unique to First National Bank of Hutchinson. We were the company’s first customer and worked with them to create this secure on-line transaction portal. is the only company that focuses entirely on building the correspondent - respondent relationship through the design and delivery of Web-based correspondent transaction applications.'s Financial and Transaction Service is the leading Internet delivery platform for Correspondent Banks and is used daily in more than 3,000 financial institutions. This service is a full-featured, correspondent platform that will connect you to First National Bank of Hutchinson via a secured communication and transaction network.

The correspondent platform is NOT a traditional corporate treasury management system. Other corporate treasury management systems are designed for a business to electronically manage their accounts with their financial institution. This solution has been developed from the ground up for a respondent institution to manage their accounts with their correspondent financial institution.

The security of First National Bank of Hutchinson’s ExtraNet is comprised of four main parts:

Physical Security’s offices and data center are located in a secure facility monitored by police and fire alarms. Five levels of security breach would be required for any physical access to occur. Data backups are made and stored off site on a regular basis. The company operates two data centers with complete disaster recovery plans. They are SAS 70 type II audited and examined regularly by the FFIEC.

Internet Security utilizes security at multiple levels to ensure non-authorized outside users are not able to penetrate the applications or data center.  Systems are “firewalled” and traffic is broken down into numerous network segments based on security privilege. Requests are tested for validity, filtered, and scrutinized by the database server before any data is delivered. Intrusion detection is utilized and all activity is logged. The highest level of encryption is utilized.

End User Controls
End user controls include multi-factor authentication.  To gain access each user must present an I.D., a password changed every 90 days, and must register a fingerprint with the system.  Access can be controlled by setting the time periods when system access is allowed. User limits can also be placed on the types and amounts of transactions. Some transactions cannot be processed without dual control.

Processes and Procedures
Policies meet the ISO/IEC standards for security practices  and procedures and all employees are required to read, understand and comply with them. 

Transaction audit lists are maintained within the system that logs the access and transactions that are initiated and/or approved by end users. is a privately held corporation, founded and operated by bankers, with a strong commitment to the banks they serve. For more information visit:

For more information regarding our services please call  800.293.0683
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