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Debit Cards



Debit Card Alerts, Notifications & Fraud Protection

Every Debit Card issued by The First is monitored for fraud protection. To learn more about how The First contacts customers if fraud is suspected, link here.

The First also offers you improved security with the option of adding Debit Card Alerts & Notifications. For more information link here.

Debit Cards and Auto Payments

Setting up your debit card from The First for automatic payments with billers is another convenient way to pay bills.  Anytime you receive a replacement or new debit card from The First, changing the debit card number and expiration date right away with the biller will help assure your payments will be on time.

EverydayRewards™ - How many points have you earned?

EverydayRewards™ is a program that rewards you with points every time you use your First National Bank Debit Card to make a purchase.

  • It’s automatic
  • There’s no cost to participate
  • You earn 1 point for every $2 spent
  • We keep track of your points

Check Your Balance and Redeem Points

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EverydayRewards™ is a program that rewards all First National Bank of Hutchinson customers who use their Debit Cards to make purchases.  It’s automatic and customers earn one point for every $2 spent on eligible Debit Card purchases. The First will keep track of the points earned and will provide a monthly EverydayRewards™ online statement.

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Every purchase made with a First National Bank of Hutchinson Debit Card earns points. There is nothing that needs to be done. The First has automatically set this up for all customers. Simply use your Debit Card at the grocery store, gas stations, and restaurants – everywhere you make a purchase.

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All purchases earn points. ATM withdrawals and cash back with your purchase do not earn points.

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No, all Debit Cards issued by First National Bank of Hutchinson (both personal and business cards) are included in the program. There are no special cards – a card earns points as soon as it is used.

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The more a Debit Card is used for all everyday purchases, the quicker points are earned. From time-to-time The First will offer specials to earn additional points and the EverydayRewards™ website offers bonus points for shopping online and for frequenting merchants featured on the site.

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A wide selection of gift cards, merchandise and travel are available from which to choose and redemptions start for as little as 750 points. When to redeem points is each customer’s choice. Earned points and items available for redemption can be tracked and viewed at the EverydayRewards™ online site.

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To access, visit and click on the EverydayRewards™ area on the top left-hand of each page. The first time you access, register by entering your name exactly as it appears on your Debit Card along with the last 6 digits of the card number. Follow the steps to establish a User Name and Password for easy future access. 

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Talk to a live EverydayRewards™ Service Specialist, 24/7 at 888.670.7850.

Or, talk to an employee of The First during our regular hours at 620.663.1521 or 800.310.1521.

Program Details
  • 1 point is earned for every $2.00 spent on eligible Debit Card purchases.
  • Points are good for five years from the end of the month they’re earned.
  • Access for viewing of monthly statements and available points is available online at the EverydayRewards™ website.
  • Points cannot be transferred or combined with points in other programs.
  • Rewards for gift cards, merchandise, travel and more are available for redemption inside the EverydayRewards™ website.
  • A complete listing of EverydayRewards™ Program Rules is available inside the EverydayRewards™ website.


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