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FirstPay - Send Money Securely 

First Pay Person to Person Payments Quick Simple Secure

FirstPay is a person-to-person payment feature which makes sending money as simple as texting and emailing. Whether it’s paying rent, paying daycare, paying allowance, splitting the check, or sending a birthday gift, FirstPay will allow you to quickly transfer money from your existing First National Bank of Hutchinson debit card securely and privately within The First’s Electronic Banking.

FirstPay is located inside Electronic Banking in the Transactions menu!

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Does FirstPay cost money?
No, it’s free!

Is FirstPay secure?
FirstPay is only accessible after you have successfully logged into your Electronic Banking, either on desktop or the mobile app.  The feature is housed securely inside your Electronic Banking.

How does FirstPay Work?

  • Once you are logged into Electronic Banking, choose FirstPay in the transaction menu.
  • The first time you will be asked to accept Terms and Conditions and set up your active debit card from The First.
  • After the initial setup, your information will be stored securely within Electronic Banking.
  • Enter/select the recipient’s mobile number or email and the amount of the payment.  Enter a memo in the space provided, i.e. “Happy Birthday.”
  • Confirm the transaction details.
  • Enter your debit card PIN using the secure scrambled keypad.

Who can I send money to with FirstPay?
Send money to anyone with and open and active debit card or account at any United States Financial Institution.

Use FirstPay to
Split the bill, pay rent, daycare, babysitter, family, friends, etc. If you are paying a business, you may alternatively use Bill Pay.

What information is needed to send money to someone?
All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number, depending on if you choose to send via a text message or email.  You have the option of using your contact list to populate the fields if you are using the mobile app. The recipient will choose if they would like the funds deposited directly into their bank account by debit card or enter their account number and routing number at their financial institution.

Does the recipient have to be a customer of First National Bank of Hutchinson?
No, you may send money to anyone in the United States that has an open and active debit card with a United States financial institution.

How does the recipient accept my payment?
Recipient receives a text or email from FirstPay. No special app for the recipient to download! The transaction is all conducted within the link in the text or email.

Best Practices
Inform the recipient to expect a text message or email from FirstPay which will have your name and an instruction link to receive the money.

Upon clicking the link, the recipient will be asked to enter his/her name and debit card information for immediate transfer of funds and accept terms and conditions.  As an alternative, the recipient may enter bank account information to receive the funds in 1 – 3 business days.

What if the recipient never receives the text message notification of my payment?
Verify the information used to set up the contact is correct. If it is, one of the following may be possible: The recipient may be using a mobile carrier that automatically blocks unfamiliar text messages OR the recipient may have blocked unfamiliar text messages.

If this does not resolve the issue, you should ask the recipient to contact their carrier to remedy the issue.

What if the recipient never accepts the payment?
The payment will be returned automatically to the sender after 10 days.

Can I cancel a payment?
You are able to cancel a FirstPay transaction as long as your recipient has not yet accepted the money.  This is will require contacting us at 620.663.1521 during banking hours.

How long will it take for the funds to be deposited into the recipient’s account?
This will depend on the delivery method of the payment and at what time it happened: 1-3 days after the recipient claims the payment.

Can I send money internationally?
No, you cannot.

About FirstPay
Available to Electronic Banking customers with an open and active debit card from The First.

  • There is no cost to use FirstPay.
  • Per transaction limit: $2500
  • Monthly FirstPay limit: $5,000
  • You may send multiple FirstPay payments each day.
  • May be used to send money to other First National Bank of Hutchinson customers.
  • FirstPay works only for recipients who bank with United States based financial institutions.
  • Recipients must have a debit card that is programmed to accept instant person to person payments at their receiving financial institution to accept the payment via a debit card.
  • Recipients may alternatively enter their banking information to accept the money within 1 - 3 business days.
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