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Make a deposit anywhere, anytime with
SnapShot DepositSM, The First’s mobile
app that allows you to deposit a check
with your tablet or smart phone.
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SnapShot Deposit

Make your deposits anywhere at any time with SnapShot Deposit via your smartphone or tablet. This free service is available to customers who meet a few eligibility requirements and who use current versions of Apple and Android devices.

Eligibility Requirements Include:

  • Account open for at least 60 days.
  • No more than three overdrafts in a month or five overdrafts in the past 12 months.
  • Other restrictions apply – full Terms and Conditions here.

Want to know more…see below for answers to frequently asked questions about SnapShot Deposit.

Ready to get started? Visit any branch or contact us at 800.310.1521!

What is SnapShot Deposit?
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  • SnapShot Deposit is The First's name for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture and is the ability to deposit checks via your smartphone or tablet.
  • An image of your check is taken via The First's Mobile App and is electronically submitted to The First for deposit.
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2. Is there a fee for SnapShot Deposit?
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  • No, SnapShot Deposit is a free service for our eligible customers (see #6 below).
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3. Will my device be able to access Snapshot Deposit?
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  • Generally, the more recent versions of Apple and Android smartphones and tablet devices with Internet Connectivity (Wi-Fi,  or 4F LTE are the best options) will work with SnapShot Deposit:

i.SmartPhones with rear facing cameras: iPhones (iOS7 +) and Androids (4.1+)
ii.Tablets with rear facing cameras: iPads (2 +) and Android Tablets

  • Other devices such as Blackberry, Windows-based phones and reader tablets are not compatible with SnapShot Deposit.
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4. How secure is Snapshot Deposit?
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  • SnapShot Deposit is very safe and secure.

i. Several layers of added protection are built into the mobile app
ii. Check images are captured within the mobile app and are not stored on your camera roll or otherwise on your device.
iii. Access to the mobile app requires credentials

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5. How can I get Snapshot Deposit?
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  • Contact a customer service representative at any location of The First.
  • SnapShot Deposit is accessed via The First’s mobile app which is available to registered Online Banking Users.
  • There are eligibility requirements (see #6 below).
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6. How do I know if I am I eligible for SnapShot Deposit?
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  • Contact a customer service representative at any location of The First.
  • Eligibility Requirements include:

i. Account opened for at least 60 days
ii. No more than 3 overdrafts in a monthly cycle
iii. No more than 5 overdrafts in the last 12 months

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7. Can I use SnapShot Deposit with any account at The First?
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  • SnapShot Deposit can be used with:

i. All personal checking accounts.
ii. Regular Savings and Ultra Money Market accounts.

  • Health Savings Accounts and loans are not eligible for Snapshot Deposit.
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8. Are there restrictions on the type of checks I deposit using Snapshot Deposit?
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  • There are three check types not acceptable for deposit via Snapshot Deposit:

i. Money Orders
ii. Two party checks
iii. Image Replacement Documents

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9. What are the terms and conditions for using SnapShot Deposit?
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  • The First assumes no responsibility for checks that are returned for non-sufficient funds or are not properly endorsed (see #11).
  • The customer assumes all responsibility as stated in the terms and conditions detailed in the Mobile Remote Deposit Capture User Agreement and Disclosure.
  • The First reserves the right to discontinue access to SnapShot Deposit for any reason, including, but not limited to, non-adherence to the terms and conditions.
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10. What are the limits on how many checks or how much can be submitted via SnapShot Deposit?
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  • Limits on the number of checks:

i. Only one check can be submitted per transaction
ii. Up to five checks can be submitted per day

  • Limits on the dollar amounts:

i. Up to a total of $500.00 can be submitted daily
ii. Up to a total of $2,500.00 can be submitted monthly

  • With prior arrangement, limits may be raised permanently or for a one-time situation. Please contact customer service for more information, 800.310.1521.
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11. How do I properly endorse the check I am trying to deposit?
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  • Without proper endorsement, a check may not be accepted. The following is required on the check back:

i. Payee Signature (should be the same as the payee line and be an account holder).
ii. Write the words: For Deposit Only
iii. Account Number

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12. How will I know The First has received my deposit?
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  • Once the image is submitted, a screen message will appear stating: “Pending, Deposit Captured.” which indicates the image was properly submitted to and received by The First. This does not mean the amount has been deposited in your account.
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13. How will I know when the check has been deposited?
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  • The SnapShot Deposit Activity Screen provides the status of deposits made via SnapShot Deposit. Click on each transaction for status details.

i. Accepted – indicates the check has been processed for deposit into your account within two business days.
ii. Rejected – indicates there was a problem with the submission and you should call 800.310.1521 during bank hours.

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14. When can I expect my deposit to be credited to my account?
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  • Deposits made prior to 4:30 p.m. (CT) on regular business days, should be posted and credited to your account the same day.
  • Deposits made after 4:30 p.m. (CT) on a regular business day, should be posted and credited the next business day.
  • Deposits made on a holiday, weekend, or non-regular business day, should be posted and credited the next business day.
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15. Is there a daily cut-off time for a deposit made through Snapshot Deposit?
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  • There is no cut-off time to make SnapShot Deposits (they can be made anytime, anywhere). See #14 for deposit times.
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16. What do I do with the check once I have submitted it for deposit via Snapshot Deposit?
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  • The First highly recommends that each check deposited via SnapShot Deposit be held for at least 7 business days.
  • Then The First recommends you shred or otherwise destroy the check.
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17. What happens if a check is submitted for deposit more than once?
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  • If a same check is submitted more than once, only one will be accepted and the other will be rejected.
  • The First understands that mistakes can happen. However, a repeated occurrence of multiple submissions will result in a loss of Snapshot Deposit privileges.
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18. Can I resubmit via SnapShot Deposit a check returned for non-sufficient funds?
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  • No, a check returned for non-sufficient funds cannot be resubmitted via Snapshot Deposit.
  • To resubmit, it should be presented at any location of The First.
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19. What are some hints and tips for using Snapshot Deposit?
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  • Make sure the check completely fits in the frame when capturing the image. Images that do not capture the entire check will likely be rejected.
  • When capturing the check image be sure:

i. The check is placed on an uncluttered, clean background surface that is darker than the check.
ii. The check to be deposited should be the only thing visible in the image.

  • If your device prompts you to, tap the center of the screen to help auto focus the camera.
  • Steady your hands when taking the image…try placing your elbows on the surface to help.
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20. Who can I call for help with Snapshot Deposit?
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  • Call 800.310.1521. This Online Help Desk is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).
  • In addition, you may visit with a SnapShot Deposit expert, located at any of our locations.
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